Stop Excessive Sweating with Diet

Which foods make people sweat?

Processed foods and fatty foods are the worst culprits for making the body sweat and if you have hyperhidrosis they should be avoided at all times. Due to the high fat contents and lack of natural produce in them your body has to work twice as hard to digest them and even a seemingly harmless bar of chocolate or a white bread sandwich affects the body adversely.

Salt needs to be avoided too, although a small amount is required by the human body. Excessive sweating occurs when the salt intake is too high.

Spicy food, unsurprisingly, affects sweat production.

To stop excessive sweating with diet modifications, this one is a must; that chilli or curry might seem tempting to your palate but it causes havoc in your body.

When it meets spicy foods your nervous system reacts as though it’s a hot stifling sunny day and your sweat glands go in to overdrive to cool the burning, sweating you down.

Another tip, although onions and garlic don’t affect body temperature in the same way, they do emit their odours in your sweat. That’s an aroma that you won’t want to offer your family, friends and co-workers.

Which drinks will make me sweat?

Coffee is a menace to your hyperhidrosis on two levels. It’s hot so it will increase your body temperature and caffeine activates your central nervous system, including your already troublesome sweat glands. The more caffeine that you ingest the more excessively that you’ll sweat.

Alcohol is the enemy. The more you consume, the more that you suffer. To stop excessive sweating it’s best to reject a drink which widens blood vessels and increases body heat. Incidentally, if you smoke then this will adversely affect your hyperhidrosis too because nicotine activates your sweat glands.

What to eat to stop excessive sweating with diet.

Water intake should be maintained at a high level so that your body is fully hydrated and it won’t work harder to keep your body temperature at a stable level. Water may not be the most exciting drink in the world but it is an essential in your fight against hyperhidrosis.

Even if it means taking supplements please ensure that your diet is B vitamins rich because they aid your metabolism, energy dispersion and inter-nerve messages and fruit and vegetables are not only healthy they keep you naturally hydrated too.

Stop excessive sweating with diet alterations like changing full fat milk to low fat. Milk and calcium rich foods are heroes because they keep your body temperature at consistent levels and slow the production of sweat.

Try cooking with olive oil, it’s easy for the body to digest so it won’t lead to an increase in body temperature.

At Myhyperhidrosis.com we hope this diet information has helped you to proceed confidently.

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