Hyperhidrosis and sport

Myhyperhidrosis.com would never suggest anything that’s detrimental to your management of hyperhidrosis, that’s a promise so although you might need convincing – Hyperhidrosis and sport work for you.

Really? Sport helps with hyperhidrosis and anxiety?

“But sport will make me sweat more won’t it?”

We all know that sport is a great way to stay fit but it also works for you in managing your hyperhidrosis and anxiety, so it’s time to get active!

The brilliant and surprising truth is that participating in physical activity will help you to reduce sweating and stress, and contrary to what your fear is telling you, to avoid activity so that you don’t sweat, it benefits you in every way to break in to a legitimate sweat.

Reduce sweating with “good” sweat!

Exercise releases a lot of sweat in one bulk delivery instead of a trickle so you’ll sweat like mad for say thirty minutes to an hour and this actually helps to reduce the amount of sweat released thereafter in the day. A case study found that a morning workout that raised body temperature and caused a healthy amount of excessive sweating was beneficial for the management of hyperhidrosis. Some sufferers find that they can be prone to sweat more early in the morning too so get to the gym and reap the rewards.

Another great way that hyperhidrosis and sport help is because after exercise you’ll rehydrate and the body needs water to keep your temperature constant which will cause less symptoms.

For mental health, exercise elevates mood by releasing endorphins which make you feel great. Exercise also kicks cortisol, the stress and anxiety chemical, out of your system. Just one moderate session can make you feel better about yourself and the world while sitting idle increases your inability to handle stress. When you sweat at less physical times you’ll be more able to handle it calmly rather than curling up in an embarrassed ball. Plus, a team sport and interacting with others in a common cause works well too according to research.

Being physically active leads to us being naturally healthier and it reduces sweating due to being unfit alongside several life limiting diseases and conditions like heart disease, blood pressure, cancers and diabetes. It will help to keep your blood pressure and stress responses lower. Being sedentary is bad for your physical and mental health and it costs health authorities vast amounts.

Being active will simply make you calmer so even if your hyperhidrosis is stressing you out a run around the park, a session at the gym or a walk will work for you, and far better than fatty comfort food that makes you sweat because it’s hard to digest.

In case this sounds too energetic for you, yoga and stretching soothe the mind so you de-stress naturally. With hyperhidrosis, sport benefits you, even when it’s not high impact sport.

The effects of hyperhidrosis can be mental and physical so take action to reduce sweating today.

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